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      Current Transformer Design and Theory

 If it were possible to have no core or wire losses at all, the calculation for the ratio between primary and secondary; equals dividing the primary current by the turns on the secondary equals the secondary current , then take the secondary current and multiplied it by the number of ohms of the burden resistor across the secondary, which would equal the voltage output across the secondary burden resistor.

Note: The maximum input current of a CT can be increased by varying the ohms of the burden resistor. Lowering the ohms of the burden resistor will increase the maximum input of the CT, but it lowers the resolution. Also, the accuracy of the output voltage depends on the accuracy of the burden resistor. The burden  resistor should never be used for more than 55 % of its wattage capacity, and thermal concerns of the surrounding materials should be considered to prevent over heating damage. For circuits requiring very accurate outputs, the CT should only be used up to 50 % of saturation line of the core.

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